Jean Genestar Priso [GENESTAR Group S.A]: “Our ambitions for the CAR are great, as in all the other countries of the franc zone where we are present”

Jean Genestar Priso [GENESTAR Group S.A]: "Our ambitions for the CAR are great, as in all the other countries of the franc zone where we are present"

7 Mar 2022 | ICT and TELECOMS | 0 comments

[CamerExcellence] – After Cameroon, Gabon and Benin, the IT group GENESTAR Group SA moved to the Central African Republic (CAR) in August 2021. Cameroonian Jean Genestar Priso, the group’s CEO, explains to CamerExcellence his ambitions in this country which, according to him, has real potential.

Digital Business Africa: GENESTAR Group S.A announces the establishment of a branch in CAR. When will this office open in CAR?

Jean Genestar Priso: This new branch of GENESTAR Group SA called GENESTAR TECHNOLOGIES RCA / Bangui was created a week ago and will officially open its doors on Monday, August 23, 2021. It comes after the openings of those in Cameroon, Benin, Gabon with headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Digital Business Africa: Why a branch in CAR?

Jean Genestar Priso: GENESTAR TECHNOLOGIES RCA/Bangui responds to a logical continuation of our vision for the coverage of CEMAC countries for local technical assistance for public and private administration and especially for the various financial institutions in the CFA monetary zone XAF.

Digital Business Africa: What are the challenges of the CAR in terms of securing public documents and titles that are part of your services?

Jean Genestar Priso: The sovereignty of our countries is often considered essentially on the political and economic level. But, what is being done in terms of the service economy, such as ICT?

Should we always wait for all technical assistance to always come to us from our Western partners, especially in areas of sovereignty such as the CNI, birth certificate extracts, passports, the processing of our currency, etc?

We answer “No! It is for these strategic challenges that GENETAR Group S.A strives to make its contribution by placing particular emphasis on the training of local engineers and technicians able to meet the expectations concerning our trades.

Digital Business Africa: What services do you offer?

Jean Genestar Priso: We can group our trades into three main groups: first, the identification of goods and people from small, medium and large populations on credit card format and many other applications; secondly the Council, the supply and maintenance of equipment and accessories for the processing of fiduciary and scriptural currencies and finally the physical security of all sensitive administrative documents (Birth certificates, diplomas, etc.).

Digital Business Africa: What is the potential of the CAR in these trades?

Jean Genestar Priso: The potential is real because as in some of our African countries, one of our major weaknesses lies in the inconsistency of our organizational systems. And the technologies produced by our trades consist of bringing a certainly added value to E-governance or electronic governance.

Digital Business Africa: What are your ambitions in CAR?

Jean Genestar Priso: Our ambitions for the CAR are great, as in all the other countries of the FRANC ZONE where we are present. Just like in the countries of Central Africa and West Africa where we intend to settle soon.

Interview by Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, CamerExcellence and Digital Business Africa

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