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About CamerExcellence

Who we are?

Smart Click Africa, A young association, is committed to a safer, healthier internet and to better use of the web, social networks and digital solutions. In this CamerExcellence project, the association intends to provide young people with interesting content on the web by telling the story of Cameroonians who excel internationally through their personal and professional activities and above all by rewarding, through the CamerExcellence Awards, the Cameroonians who bring the most honour to Cameroon internationally and in the diaspora.

The stated objective of CamerExcellence is to inspire and provide role models for young Africans, especially young Cameroonians. Motivational meetings and sharing of experiences will take place.

In addition, the CamerExcellence project aims to celebrate and reward these under-recognised role models, but above all to show the world that Cameroonians are excellent and better when they commit themselves. Whatever the field!

The Smart Click Africa association, whose president is Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, is accompanied in this task by the e-Reputation and strategic intelligence firm ICT Media STRATEGIES

Many other experts, journalists and business developers have also agreed to accompany the initiative.

We are grateful to them.

On which web platforms can you find CamerExcellence?

The CamerExcellence platform is present on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What are our values?

The Smart Click Africa association wants, through interesting content disseminated on the web and social networks, to promote among young people, not only responsible use of social networks and digital solutions but also and above all to cultivate the values of work, self-sacrifice and determination to succeed. Whatever the conditions and constraints.

Where are the CamerExcellence Awards ceremonies held?

The Awards ceremony will be held in Yaounde on the eve of the final of the CAN Total Energies 2021. Virtual events and meetings are also planned. At the moment online. As far as online voting is concerned, it will be launched soon.

Is there a possibility of communication on the web platform and projects of CamerExcellence?

Yes! It is possible to support the work of Smart Click Africa through this project by subscribing to communication packages on digital platforms or at events. Write or to with the subject line: CamerExcellence communication package or write via WhatsApp to the phone numbers shown at the bottom of the page.